Top 10 Ways to Get What You Want at an IEP Meeting

27 May

10.  Understand your child’s diagnosis prior to the meeting.  Read the testing reports and look up things you don’t understand.  Ask someone to help you interpret the results.

9.  Prepare for the meeting.  Have a list of goals and questions to ask.  Leave space to write the answers.

8.  Be reasonable.  Having unreasonable expectations and being inflexible will not  help in the end.

7.  Research available programs/resources in your district and surrounding area.  Knowing your child’s options is up to you, the district may not tell you what is available.

6.  Take an active role in the planning and writing of the IEP.  Make suggestions and voice your approval or disapproval of each item (even if you’re not asked).

5.  Bring another person to take detailed notes and help keep you focused on your goals.  Having support for yourself is helpful when sitting at the IEP table.

4. Know what it is that you truly want for your child.  Write it down before the meeting.

3.  Stay calm.  Do not raise your voice, slap the table, point your finger, or use insults at the meeting.  Excuse yourself for a moment if you feel yourself losing control.

2.  Ask for what you want and then some.  Have some things you are willing to compromise on, but remain firm on what you truly want for your child.

1.  Remember that you are an equal member of your child’s team.  You are speaking for your child and your opinion is just as important as any other team members.


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